Profiles with picture get viewed 20 times more

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Add picture to your profile get you more hits

add pic to your dating profile

Its quite interesting the difference having a picture on your profile will make to being contacted or not being contacted on a dating site, it is estimated that a profile will get 20 times more views from potential date than a profile with no picture. Here are some tips on how to add a nice picture to your dating profile.

1. Ask a friend or family member to take some photos of you. Pictures taken in the mirror or at arm’s length are rarely clear. Show off that lovely face!

2. Digital cameras are ideal for taking lots of pics for you to look back over and choose from. Don’t be shy to ask a friend for their opinion if you can’t make your mind up. If you don’t have access to a digital camera and are on Facebook, why not check out your photos on there? And remember, uploading more than 1 photo will always work in your favour.

3. Relax and smile. Take a variety of close up and full length pics. Avoid photos that are taken at a great distance or have groups of people in them. If you have a particular interest or hobby, why not include these in your additional photos? It’ll make for a great conversation starter!

Be Safe When Using Rock Music Dating Site

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Safety tips when dating online

Online dating safety

Online dating safety

Well, telling adult about safety may sound like teaching a granny to such an egg, given the fact that online dating is relatively new to some people we though we should give you some tips on how to stay safe when using Rock Music Dating Site.

Just to try and help a little, we thought we would send you a reminder of the golden rules that everyone should follow to make Rock Music Dating Site as safe a place as possible.

Follow these few simple check points and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Choose a password that you can easily remember but that would be difficult for anyone else to guess. Childrens’ names are easy, but just as easy for someone who knows you to guess too!
Personal information

Rock Music Dating Site has a wonderful messaging system which means you don’t need to give out any contact information at all until you’re happy to, so don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’d rather stick to talking online for a bit longer. If they’re genuine then they won’t have a problem.

If someone you barely know asks to borrow money or asks for any sort of financial details whatsoever, then alarm bells should start to ring. You wouldn’t expect someone you met in the pub last week to ask you for money, and you shouldn’t expect it online either.
Personal safety

The bottom line, is that you should always stay in control. Meet in a public place, tell someone when and where you’re going, and arrange to call them at a given time to confirm all’s going well. If your date is worth their salt, they will completely understand.
Don’t panic!

The vast majority of people you meet online will be genuine people just like you who are simply looking for a date or some friendship. Unfortunately, it’s best to plan for the worst and then allow people to prove themselves otherwise, but don’t let the occasional dodgy character spoil your enjoyment.

Remember, Rock Music Dating Site will never send you any e-mails asking for any personal details, so if you get anything like this, please forward it on to us.

Take care and have fun,

The Rock Music Dating Site Team.

Features that sets Rock Music Dating apart from the rest

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Features of Rock Music Dating

Rock Music Dating Site Logo

One of the criticisms of meeting your partner via online dating site as oppose to the traditional methods such as being introduced by a friend or meeting at a party is that online dating is a bit dry. Well, some online dating sites are dry, not ours. We have pull all stops to ensure your experience of online dating is one of the best you can find anywhere on the Internet. Here are some of the features you will enjoy as a full member of Rock Music Dating site:

Our Recommended Members feature. Get a personalised list of matches based on the profiles you visit, who you wink at and who you add to your favourites!
Perform more detailed Full Searches of our Members, including postcode-based distance searches.
Send Messages to other Members and read the messages in your Inbox.
Use the Instant Messaging system to chat to other Members who are online at the same time as you.
Upload a photo via your webcam which we will time stamp, showing other Members is it a genuine recent photo.
Upload a video profile. Show Members the real you by telling them a little about yourself and what you’re looking for.
View additional photos of other Members and add up to nine more of your own.

With all these additional features it makes Rock Music Dating Site a far more exciting place to be, as long as you make the most of them!

Rock Music Dating Site for Lovers of Rock Music

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Welcome to website for singles who love rock music

Screenshoot of rock music dating
We all know the importance of compatibility for a relationship to be successful, that is why this site was specially created for singles who don’t just like rock music but are absolutely passionate about it. If you date a fellow rock music enthusiast, your relationship is bound to last because its built on rock!

Apart from this site providing a platform where singles who are passionate about rock music can meet, you can also share you love or rock music with other people from around the world in our discussion forum.

Thank you for visiting rock music lovers dating, we hope you find our site useful.  Rock On!